250.000 €
Code: 1697
In the village of Agios Georgios in Antiparos with lovely view at the sea, with distance just 175 meters from it, lot 1020m², # 9 in block 72.
1 020 m2 Plots, Agios Georgios, Antiparos
90.000 €
Code: 1748
On the hills, south of Naoussa, and in the tranquility of natural environment plot 4648m².
4 648 m2 Farmland, Kantinelies Naoussa, Paros
Code: 432
At the west side of Paros, in the village Glisidia, lot 2335,70m².
2 335 m2 Plots, Glisidia, Paros
300.000 €
Code: 1735
A few kilometers out of Naoussa, on the northeast part of Paros, plot 9725,65m².
9 725 m2 Farmland, Kabos of Naoussa, Paros
Code: 1734
Above the traditional village of Lefkes, with an unobstructed view of Naxos and the endless aegean blue, plot 4806,79m² with building permit in force.
4 806 m2 Farmland, Lefkes, Paros
Code: 1714
Just 660 meters from the beaches Tsoukalia and Glifades, very close to the picturesque villages Kostos, Prodromos and Marpissa, plot 9294,26m² with view of the blue and Naxos.
9 294 m2 Farmland, Kabos of Archilochos, Paros